Get Rid Of Your Website Gallery

Most companies will have a gallery of some description on their website. If you’re looking to showcase the quality of your work, before and after pics, or your range of products or services, even smaller businesses that have a basic website will tend to have a gallery.

If you’re going through the effort of pulling all these pictures together for your website, you’re doing it with the hope of generating more business for yourself by encouraging people to contact you over your competitors, right? Well I’m here to tell you there is a better way to use this archive of scrolling pics to dominate your local SEO and drive quality traffic to your site.

What’s in a gallery?

Galleries are often full of examples of your work. Work that you did in a specific location, where you provided a specific service. What most small businesses do is to lump all these pictures together in single never-ending stream of content, all mixed together in a jumbled mess. Just like your mam’s holiday snaps.

What we can do is take these pictures and with a few steps, create an organised series of case studies, projects…. Whatever you want to call it! That are better for users and great for dominating local SEO.

Let’s take Brian the Builder.

Brian has a website gallery with loads of examples of his work. He’s got 5 pictures of a garage he build in Newcastle, 10 from an extension he built in Sunderland and 8 from a conservatory he build for Mary in Durham….. She made the best cups of tea.

SEO is all about providing the most relevant answer to a persons search term…. That’s all! How can you be relevant if you have content for 3 different services in 3 different locations on the same page?!

What we’re going to do is create a new page on the website for each job. Then We’re going to do the on page SEO required to help it stand out.

Let’s Keyword this thing up!

We’ll start by ‘keywording up’ that page title, meta description and H1 title. We’re also going to write a sentence or two about the job and what we did. If you’ve got a testimonial to add too…. Even better!

We’re then going to rename all the images too. DSC001.jpg just doesn’t cut it. We want ‘Conservatories Durham.jpg’ all over it. Whilst we’re on images, you’re going to want to make sure you compress them before adding them to your website too! You can do this for free via sites like

If Brian can take the time to do this and work through his gallery, what do you think his chances are of now ranking for ‘Garage builders Newcastle’, House Extensions Sunderland’ or ‘Conservatories Durham’? A darn site higher than before right?!

Also, for anyone who already visits his site, it’s going to be so much easier for them to find out where his works and his services. “Oh! He does conservatories in Durham”, “I live there! I’ll give him a call”.

Future Gains

Getting into the habit of pimping up the content that you’re already creating, is the sure-fire way to smashing those local SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and ensuring victory for the home team. If you’re too busy doing what you’re good at to take this on yourself, we know just the team for you.


Are you our new digital marketing apprentice?

Are you passionate about digital marketing and enjoy being creative? If so this could be the role for you!

Inpro Media are delighted to be working in partnership with Baltic Apprenticeships to provide us with our next Digital Marketing Apprentice. Inpro Media was born out of a passion for supporting small businesses across the North East in their digital marketing needs. With 35 years worth of combined sales and marketing experience Inpro Media have been providing businesses open and honest advice.

Due to a period of growth Inpro Media are looking for a creative Digital Marketing Apprentice to join their team of experts.

Roles & Responsibilities (Will include but not limited to):

Using google ad words and SEO to report on traffic to the website and social media posts

Social media management , posting content across different social media platforms for Inpro media clients

Creating blogs

Take part in email marketing

Desired Qualities, Skills & Knowledge

Passionate about Digital Marketing

Enjoys creating content/Blogs


Has a good understanding of creative writing

Interest in music

Passion for Social media

A Grade 4/C in GCSE English or equivalent is required for this role

Salary, Hours & Benefits

£10,000 to £12,000 per annum

Monday to Friday 9am till 3:30pm

20 Days holiday plus bank holidays

Office-based (Work from Home Fridays)

There are career progression opportunities available upon completion of the programme.

About Baltic:

Baltic Apprenticeships were the first training provider to offer a completely tech-focused, tech-driven training solution. We help people to transform their knowledge and passion into skills employers need.

If this sounds like the role for you, get in touch! Once we’ve received your application, one of our teams will be in touch to help you with the next stage.

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals must have a valid and eligible residency status to apply for this role.

You can apply for this role either by emailing your CV to or via the Baltic Apprenticeships website



Do you use images on your website?

Ok, let’s trim this down a little… are you a local business with images of case studies, examples of your work and/or pictures of your storefront/office?

If so, here’s a great little local SEO hack for you.

Image files can contain lots of information or metadata, such as the camera model and make, date and time, lens used, focal length etc.

If you’ve used a smart phone or GPS enabled digital SLR camera to take your pics, they may also contain geographical coordinates of where the picture was taken.

Google can use this geotagging data to help rank your website better in local searches, especially in Google My Business listings.

Not all images can will carry this data however. If they are old, If the phone camera used has location tagging turned off in the privacy settings, or the SLR camera used doesn’t have built in GPS.

There are lots of free tools, such as EXIF Pilot, that will let you upload your files to geo-tag the images yourself. They can even let you add further image meta data likes keywords.

Struggling to find GPS coordinates to tag your photos? Just right click on any Google Maps pin and click ‘What’s Here?’ The coordinates are then shown at the bottom of the page 🙂


website under construction
*Under Construction! Coming Soon!*

Whilst prospecting and looking at some new connections websites over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen some well established companies with holding pages in place whilst their new site is under construction.

Now first off, if you’re a brand new business with a new domain and looking to get some early SEO traction. Producing a holding page for branding, with some good content and a strong call to action before launching your site is fully the way to go 👍

If however, you’re a well established company with an existing site that drives traffic (maybe even some leads) and Google has some history on, PLEASE don’t!

Aside from a poor a user experience for those who do find you, it can be a nightmare for your SEO! By taking down what was initially there you’re existing pages risk de-indexing and you can struggle to rank for even branded terms.

This can be tough to recover from when you do launch, especially if you change your page architecture.

If your website isn’t ready, don’t make it live!

If you’re building a new site and want to make sure you’re SEO doesn’t take a hit, I’m always available for a chat.


“I don’t click on Google Ads. People are just paying to be there so I’m less likely to click”

I am paraphrasing slightly, but this particular point was the main thrust of a well engaged conversion I saw on LinkedIn today.

Yes, people are paying to be there, but it isn’t all about how much £££s you’re willing to stump up.

Firstly, Google Ads algorithm runs a Quality Score. What is Quality Score? Well, much like SEO is greater than the sum of its parts, so are Google Ads.

Quality Score is made up of the quality of your ads, how relevant it is to the keyword typed in, the quality of your landing page & other things. This along with your amount you’re willing to bid/pay per click (and other factors) gives you your Ad Rank.

What does this mean? Well it means how much you’re willing to pay isn’t everything. One company’s ad may appear above another even though they are paying less, because of its Ad Rank & the quality of that potential customers experience may be higher.

Rightly or wrongly some people don’t trust Google Ads & won’t click them…. I can assure you that MANY do. There is certainly more to things than the size of their advertising budget though.

Anyways… lots of companies pay for SEO to get them to the top of Google Does that make their services more trustworthy?


Some Google Ads thoughts this morning.

For anyone that runs Google Ads accounts, you’ll no doubt be aware of Google’s Optimisation Score that became a feature some 18 months ago.

For those new to Google Ads or those who run their own accounts without much experience, chasing 100% is not always in your interest, but unsurprisingly is in Google’s (more on that another time)

I was looking at an in house managed account yesterday with a 97% optimisation score, but the client was concerned that they were getting no traction.

Upon inspection, to go with their 97% optimisation score, they also had an Impression Share of less than 10%, meaning their ads were being shown less than 10% of the time for their target keywords.

97% doesn’t sound all it’s cracked up to be, eh?

If you’re unsure exactly how your Google Ads account is performing give me a call.


Do you use the same keywords on multiple website pages over and over?

Something I see regularly from small business owners and their websites, is that in an effort to rank for their primary keyword as highly as possible, they will target the same phrase across multiple pages to make their website appear as optimised as possible.

However, this can be counter productive. By not having a specific keyword focus on every individual page you are confusing Google (and your users!) as they won’t know which page to choose as the most relevant and can harm your rankings.

Does your website suffer from Keyword Cannibalisation? Are you not sure? Drop me a message.



Have you switched your website over to https?

Aside from further enhancing your website security for users, Google confirmed it as a ranking signal as far back as 2014.

What many website owners don’t know, is that if you migrate your website across incorrectly, it can actually have a negative impact on your SEO and your web traffic.

Some of the issues we regular see are –

No domain level canonicalisation (Multiple live variants of your website)

Page redirects not implemented properly

Internal links not updated

Sitemaps not updated (either on site or via Search Console)

Each of these and other issues can raise their heads if you don’t plan SEO into your switch over.

Are you making to the move to https for a new or existing website? Make sure your SEO isn’t over looked.

Inpro Media on the Move

This is a bittersweet post to write in many ways. After 2 and a half very happy years in South Tyneside, Inpro Media are delighted to announce our relocation to Metro Riverside Park in Gateshead. We have always been proud as business owners to both live and work in South Tyneside. Without the support we have received from Tedco Business Support, Virgin Startup, everyone at Jarrow Business Centre and the clients and connections we have across the borough, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Inpro Media have seen a massive increase in clients through 2018 and after much deliberation have decided that the move to offices in some of the most prestige areas of Gateshead, was the best way to facilitate our ambitious growth plans for the future and better serve our clients across the whole of the North East.

From the 1st December 2018, Inpro Media will be based in the YBN office building in Metro Riverside Park. The spacious and modern managed office space is based just behind the Metrocentre. The facilities will make it far easier for us to hold wider client meetings, help us deliver a better quality of digital skills training to our clients in their state of the art training rooms and scale up the business as we grow and look to the future.

Special thanks need to go to a few people that have helped support us so far on this journey. Janice Stott and Susan Campbell at Jarrow Business Centre, Bill Hartshorne at Tedco Business Support, Andrew Potts at KP Simpson Accountants and Gavin Teasdale at PGS Law. Wider thanks go to our great business network South Tyneside, BNI Cookson and the many amazing clients and connections we have built up across the last 10+ years in the area.

If anyone would like to pop in and see us for a coffee and a catch up we’d love to. We hope to return to our roots in future as we’re passionate about the region, creating jobs and helping local South Tyneside businesses in our home patch. Until then here’s to new beginnings and an exciting next chapter.

Win A Days FREE SEO On Your Website

inpro media SEO competition

As part of our celebrations for reaching two years in business, Inpro Media are running a Facebook competition to win a days free SEO on your website. Made up of a mix of technical and on site changes our team will spend a full day (8 hours) working on your website to maximise it’s performance in Google.

Is your website slow to load? Not ranking for your target keywords? Then entering couldn’t be easier.

To enter the competition on Facebook, please following this link below.

Win A Days FREE SEO Competition

To enter, simply:

📈LIKE our page ‘INPRO MEDIA’
📈LIKE and share the post
📈COMMENT with your website address

Competition T&Cs

* Only one submission per website address
* Competition ends at midnight on 30th September 2018
* Winner will be selected at random from all valid entries on 1st October 2018
* The winner will be contacted by direct message by 5pm on the 1st October 2018 and announced on our Facebook page.
* The cash value of the prize is £300 and is not redeemable.
* All SEO works will be agreed with the winner before commencement of the days work.
* This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook.

Best of luck to all entires!

The Inpro Media team.