Inpro Media on the Move

This is a bittersweet post to write in many ways. After 2 and a half very happy years in South Tyneside, Inpro Media are delighted to announce our relocation to Metro Riverside Park in Gateshead. We have always been proud as business owners to both live and work in South Tyneside. Without the support we have received from Tedco Business Support, Virgin Startup, everyone at Jarrow Business Centre and the clients and connections we have across the borough, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Inpro Media have seen a massive increase in clients through 2018 and after much deliberation have decided that the move to offices in some of the most prestige areas of Gateshead, was the best way to facilitate our ambitious growth plans for the future and better serve our clients across the whole of the North East.

From the 1st December 2018, Inpro Media will be based in the YBN office building in Metro Riverside Park. The spacious and modern managed office space is based just behind the Metrocentre. The facilities will make it far easier for us to hold wider client meetings, help us deliver a better quality of digital skills training to our clients in their state of the art training rooms and scale up the business as we grow and look to the future.

Special thanks need to go to a few people that have helped support us so far on this journey. Janice Stott and Susan Campbell at Jarrow Business Centre, Bill Hartshorne at Tedco Business Support, Andrew Potts at KP Simpson Accountants and Gavin Teasdale at PGS Law. Wider thanks go to our great business network South Tyneside, BNI Cookson and the many amazing clients and connections we have built up across the last 10+ years in the area.

If anyone would like to pop in and see us for a coffee and a catch up we’d love to. We hope to return to our roots in future as we’re passionate about the region, creating jobs and helping local South Tyneside businesses in our home patch. Until then here’s to new beginnings and an exciting next chapter.

Win A Days FREE SEO On Your Website

inpro media SEO competition

As part of our celebrations for reaching two years in business, Inpro Media are running a Facebook competition to win a days free SEO on your website. Made up of a mix of technical and on site changes our team will spend a full day (8 hours) working on your website to maximise it’s performance in Google.

Is your website slow to load? Not ranking for your target keywords? Then entering couldn’t be easier.

To enter the competition on Facebook, please following this link below.

Win A Days FREE SEO Competition

To enter, simply:

📈LIKE our page ‘INPRO MEDIA’
📈LIKE and share the post
📈COMMENT with your website address

Competition T&Cs

* Only one submission per website address
* Competition ends at midnight on 30th September 2018
* Winner will be selected at random from all valid entries on 1st October 2018
* The winner will be contacted by direct message by 5pm on the 1st October 2018 and announced on our Facebook page.
* The cash value of the prize is £300 and is not redeemable.
* All SEO works will be agreed with the winner before commencement of the days work.
* This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook.

Best of luck to all entires!

The Inpro Media team.

Newcastle Startup Week Twitter Users List

What a week! For 5 amazing days (and nights) last week, Newcastle was home the second running of Newcastle Startup Week. Produced by Paul Lancaster (@lordlancaster) and Sarah Crimmens (@SarahCrims) the festival covered 5 themed days at multiple venues across the city with more than 50 speakers and over 500 attendees. Attending #newcastlestartupweek for the first time, it was hands down the best event we have attended in my time working in the sales/marketing/digital space. This is no better represented in the huge amount of love the event received on Twitter, where the event even trended in the UK on it’s second day.

Each day covered a specific topic (Inspiration, Getting Started, Funding and Finance, Growing and Scaling, Keep Going or Pivot?) all geared towards helping startups and those already on a business growth journey find knowledge, connections and strength  to grow their own businesses.

Covering over 6500+ tweets from over 670 unique users was amazing! It also meant that keeping tracks of those that you perhaps wanted to connect with, follow or just share your thoughts at times was hectic. To help out all those who wanted to make the most of the event and help build their connections across Twitter, Inpro Media have put together a spreadsheet of every user that tweeted using the hashtag over the 5 days. You can download it for free here – Newcastle Startup Week Twitter User List

It was announced at the end of day 5 that we’ll all be back again to do it again in 2019 (13-17 May) If you are looking to grow your business this event really has become one of the highlights of the North East business calendar. Early bird tickets are already available to buy here Newcastle Startup Week 2019 you’d be mad to miss out….. Hopefully we’ll see you there!


How to track your campaigns better with Google’s URL builder

As marketers and business owners we’re all results driven, especially when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of our sales and marketing campaigns. When it comes to digital, Google Analytics and other social media analytics tools do a great job of delivering top level data like total visits and post engagement.

For those of us that want to dig a little deeper though, we can be left with more questions than answers. For example, how many people clicked through from that email blast you did for your summer sale? Or someone’s registered for your latest training seminar from Facebook, but was it from a post on your business page, something you shared on your own profile, or a Facebook ad campaign you’re running?

By using Google Analytics URL Builder you can easily custom build URLs for each campaign to help quantify their effectiveness, let me show you how.

Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder

Firstly you need to visits Google Analytics URL Builder here

What you’ll get here is a range of options as listed below.

There are a number of options listed for what you want to track, these include:

  • Campaign source. In this case the we are going to use the Inpro Media blog, but this could be an email or a Tweet post for example.
  • Medium. I’ve added again blog here, but this could be email, Google Ad, Facebook Ad etc.
  • Campaign name. This is the text that will show up in Google Analytics. For the purpose of this example I will use this blog post so I’ll shorten it to ‘urlbuilderpost’.

Once you’ve filled in the parameters you need the URL is generated automatically by Google at the bottom at the page. In this case our URL is as follows:-

Now simple copy and paste this link into your campaign and we are ready to start tracking some data.

How to track in Google Analytics

Once we start receiving traffic it couldn’t be easily to analyse its performance in Google Analytics. Once you have logged in if we navigate to Acquisition>Campaigns>All Campaigns you’ll see you selection of campaign names. For this example we can now see some data for the link we have just published for our ‘urlbuilderpost’.

And there we have it. You are now on the way to better tracking your campaigns. Whether you’re analysing tweet effectiveness at different times of the day or split testing messages on your latest eshot, Google Analytics URL Builder allows you get get your hands on much more actionable data.


Facebook Update: What it could mean for local businesses

In the early hours of the 12th January, Facebook set marketeers, publishers and business owners in to pandemonium over the upcoming sweeping changes to their news feeds.

Not since Facebook Timeline rolled out in 2012 can I remember such an outcry. Where as then however it was the impact of the new design that caused concern, as many tried to opt out for as long as possible, this update marks a seismic change to the algorithm itself around how Facebook prioritises content.

For those that haven’t read the announcement here it is in full.

As marketeers we are use to changes of these magnitude being thrown up to challenge us. Those PPCers among us will remember Google Instant rolling out in 2010 (now since deceased) or the removal of sidebar ads in 2016. I certainly don’t need to tell my fellow SEOs about Panda or Penguin.

Today’s update though isn’t so much about marketeers for me. It’s a shift that affects large publishers right down to your fledgling local business. Somewhere along the line Facebook has lost it’s social side, allowing businesses, brands and publishers too much of our precious feed and it’s local businesses that need to take heed.

Facebook has facilitated through its exponential growth and a highly engaged community, the ability for businesses to reach huge audiences and potential customers largely for free, save just the input of their personal time.

A local business could create a page, share it with their friends, run a few ‘like, share, comment’ competitions (often running against Facebook’s own terms of service) and achieve fantastic results. Gaining new leads and new customers at an incredibly low CPA and relatively painlessly. In the history of business and certainly in marketing this is pretty unprecedented. We’ve all heard the phrase “You’ve never had it so good”. Well perhaps now with such an over saturation of our news feeds we’ve reached that watershed moment.

Now this update isn’t just about businesses. It’s about publishers and media outlets too. I, like many have come to use Facebook as a curation tool, much like Flipboard or other such content aggregators. Using the platform this way however sees users engage less and as Zuckerberg seems to infer makes us feel worse.

Now it’s important to note at this point that Facebook have said that advertisers aren’t affected by this update and therein lies the key point for businesses reliant on the platform and marketeers such as ourselves. It’s pretty certain to say that in a rush to maintain the status quo people will move to paid posts etc to chase their current levels of engagement. What does this mean? Well you can be sure you’ll start to pay more. Facebook advertising costs will increase due to more competition and the new uptake from businesses who will now have to advertise more to reach their audience. Cynically one would have to say was this the point all along.

It’s important to remember that this change effects everyone equally. Whether you are UNILAD, the ipaper or a local hotel. Don’t make any rash decisions; wait, read all the information you can and digest.

For those digital marketeers among us, it provides an exciting time. Facebook has long been a more affordable advertising channel compared to Google for most companies, especially local businesses. Companies that historically didn’t include search engine pay per click advertising as part of their marketing mix may now begin to consider the investment.

2018 has certainly started with a big shake up to how businesses will seek to grow online and engage with their customers. What remains ahead is uncertain, but I look forward to seeing which companies are up for the challenge.

Inpro Media Achieves Google Partner Status

Inpro Media AdWords Partner Logo

After just 15 months in business, Inpro Media are excited to announce we have been accredited as an official Google Partner Agency. To achieve partner status Inpro Media had to fulfil a number of set criteria, including performance evaluations, external examinations and financial assessments.

As a Google Partner agency, Inpro Media have shown commitment to digital marketing best practices, demonstrating in-depth knowledge and vast experience with Google AdWords, whilst continuously meeting Google standards and performance requirements.

Inpro Media’s co-owner Shaun Causer commented, “We are tremendously proud to reach this milestone at such a young age for our company. Having achieved this accreditation, not only does it provide personal pride that we are reaching the highest levels of expertise and performance expected by a company such as Google, but it also allows us to provide all new and existing clients an elevated level of service. One that our clients can take confidence in, being that we are externally vetted to ensure our work for them is produced at the highest standard. With ambitious growth plans for their second year business, achieving Google Partner status is the first step in taking Inpro Media onto greater things”.

If you are a North East business looking to get more from your digital marketing, speak to Inpro Media today on 0191 466 1117, or email us at

North East entrepreneurs celebrating digital marketing business launch thanks to funding boost

~ Inpro Media receives support from Virgin StartUp & TEDCO Business Support ~

A South Tyneside business has hit the ground running thanks to funding and support from Virgin StartUp and TEDCO Business Support, Virgin StartUp’s delivery partner in the North East.

Brian Ridley, 42 and Shaun Causer 34, founded Inpro Media, which aims to support small and medium sized businesses in their digital marketing needs last month.

The digital marketing company secured a Start Up Loan of £7000 from Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin StartUp company, to get the business off the ground. TEDCO Business Support provided one to one support to get Inpro Media Investment Ready to apply for a Virgin Start up loan which included assistance with Business planning, financial forecasting and planning for growth.

Shaun Causer said: “Starting a business is a huge adventure. Just getting to this point and welcoming our first clients has been hard – but rewarding – and it wouldn’t have happened without support from Virgin StartUp and TEDCO.  We’re delighted they believed in our business and we look forward to future growth with their support.”

Digital marketing company North East

Brian Ridley – Co-owner, Inpro Media (left) Bill Hartshorne – Business Advisor, Tedco (centre) Shaun Causer – Co-Owner, Inpro Media (right)

Bill of Hartshorne of TEDCO Business Support said:

“We’re delighted to have supported Inpro Media on this journey. Working with Virgin StartUp to support entrepreneurs in the local area has given Inpro Media a great opportunity to help their business ideas come to life. Our support doesn’t stop here; we’ll be working with Inpro Media in the coming months to help make their business idea a reality.”

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder, said: “Inpro Media has found a niche in the digital marketing sector and has a convincing plan on how to establish themselves and grow. Entrepreneurialism, like that shown by both Brian and Shaun, is vital for our economy and I’m delighted to support the next generation of British businesses. I wish Inpro Media every success and look forward to watching the business go from strength to strength.”

Brian and Shaun were inspired to start the company due to the lack of specialist and affordable small business marketing support in the borough. They hope to grow their customer base to 40 businesses in their first year as the look to achieve ambitious turnover plans of £250,000 within 3 years.

For more information visit:, @InproMediaNE on Facebook or @inpro_media on Twitter. To speak with Shaun or Brian call 0191 466 1117 or email

Inpro Media Website Launch

Thanks to the great team at Gradient Digital, Inpro Media are proud to launch our fantastic new website.

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about Inpro Media’s digital marketing services and solutions in a clear and simple to navigate website that’s great for users.

Among its new features the site contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to foster improved communication with the clients and a blog, which will be updated weekly with a mixture of helpful digital marketing tips and our news and thoughts on the latest updates in the digital marketing industry. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information, ensuring that our visitors get the clearest, jargon free and most up to date digital marketing information in the North East.

We hope you like the look of our new website and would love to hear your feedback. Why not drop us an email at

Thank you!

The Inpro Media Team.