Get Rid Of Your Website Gallery

Most companies will have a gallery of some description on their website. If you’re looking to showcase the quality of your work, before and after pics, or your range of products or services, even smaller businesses that have a basic website will tend to have a gallery.

If you’re going through the effort of pulling all these pictures together for your website, you’re doing it with the hope of generating more business for yourself by encouraging people to contact you over your competitors, right? Well I’m here to tell you there is a better way to use this archive of scrolling pics to dominate your local SEO and drive quality traffic to your site.

What’s in a gallery?

Galleries are often full of examples of your work. Work that you did in a specific location, where you provided a specific service. What most small businesses do is to lump all these pictures together in single never-ending stream of content, all mixed together in a jumbled mess. Just like your mam’s holiday snaps.

What we can do is take these pictures and with a few steps, create an organised series of case studies, projects…. Whatever you want to call it! That are better for users and great for dominating local SEO.

Let’s take Brian the Builder.

Brian has a website gallery with loads of examples of his work. He’s got 5 pictures of a garage he build in Newcastle, 10 from an extension he built in Sunderland and 8 from a conservatory he build for Mary in Durham….. She made the best cups of tea.

SEO is all about providing the most relevant answer to a persons search term…. That’s all! How can you be relevant if you have content for 3 different services in 3 different locations on the same page?!

What we’re going to do is create a new page on the website for each job. Then We’re going to do the on page SEO required to help it stand out.

Let’s Keyword this thing up!

We’ll start by ‘keywording up’ that page title, meta description and H1 title. We’re also going to write a sentence or two about the job and what we did. If you’ve got a testimonial to add too…. Even better!

We’re then going to rename all the images too. DSC001.jpg just doesn’t cut it. We want ‘Conservatories Durham.jpg’ all over it. Whilst we’re on images, you’re going to want to make sure you compress them before adding them to your website too! You can do this for free via sites like

If Brian can take the time to do this and work through his gallery, what do you think his chances are of now ranking for ‘Garage builders Newcastle’, House Extensions Sunderland’ or ‘Conservatories Durham’? A darn site higher than before right?!

Also, for anyone who already visits his site, it’s going to be so much easier for them to find out where his works and his services. “Oh! He does conservatories in Durham”, “I live there! I’ll give him a call”.

Future Gains

Getting into the habit of pimping up the content that you’re already creating, is the sure-fire way to smashing those local SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and ensuring victory for the home team. If you’re too busy doing what you’re good at to take this on yourself, we know just the team for you.

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