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*Under Construction! Coming Soon!*

Whilst prospecting and looking at some new connections websites over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen some well established companies with holding pages in place whilst their new site is under construction.

Now first off, if you’re a brand new business with a new domain and looking to get some early SEO traction. Producing a holding page for branding, with some good content and a strong call to action before launching your site is fully the way to go 👍

If however, you’re a well established company with an existing site that drives traffic (maybe even some leads) and Google has some history on, PLEASE don’t!

Aside from a poor a user experience for those who do find you, it can be a nightmare for your SEO! By taking down what was initially there you’re existing pages risk de-indexing and you can struggle to rank for even branded terms.

This can be tough to recover from when you do launch, especially if you change your page architecture.

If your website isn’t ready, don’t make it live!

If you’re building a new site and want to make sure you’re SEO doesn’t take a hit, I’m always available for a chat.

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