“I don’t click on Google Ads. People are just paying to be there so I’m less likely to click”

I am paraphrasing slightly, but this particular point was the main thrust of a well engaged conversion I saw on LinkedIn today.

Yes, people are paying to be there, but it isn’t all about how much £££s you’re willing to stump up.

Firstly, Google Ads algorithm runs a Quality Score. What is Quality Score? Well, much like SEO is greater than the sum of its parts, so are Google Ads.

Quality Score is made up of the quality of your ads, how relevant it is to the keyword typed in, the quality of your landing page & other things. This along with your amount you’re willing to bid/pay per click (and other factors) gives you your Ad Rank.

What does this mean? Well it means how much you’re willing to pay isn’t everything. One company’s ad may appear above another even though they are paying less, because of its Ad Rank & the quality of that potential customers experience may be higher.

Rightly or wrongly some people don’t trust Google Ads & won’t click them…. I can assure you that MANY do. There is certainly more to things than the size of their advertising budget though.

Anyways… lots of companies pay for SEO to get them to the top of Google Does that make their services more trustworthy?

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